Why learn German?

In what cases you may need to learn German and translate from germanto english:

Are you going to become a German translator?
Language is required for employment in a German company.
You need to improve your spoken language to study in Germany.
You are going to arrange your personal life in Germany, and for comfortable communication you need to improve your language.
For each of these purposes, it is necessary to use not only a different number of words, but also, in principle, different words. A wife, when communicating with her husband, will talk a little differently than an engineer in production.

The first step is to learn those turns of speech that will be needed in your particular case. It is useless to memorize all the words given by the teacher at home.

There is a category of people who want to watch films german to english and series in the original language, and for this they are taken to study it.

There are more than 400 thousand words in the German language that have their own meaning. Every year there are 4,000 new words. Is it necessary to learn each of these words, or can you get by with a certain set?