How to buy a tour bargain?

Search and buy tours and online. On the sites of tour aggregators you will always be aware of the current prices from tour operators. In addition, you will not need to bypass a lot of travel agencies to find out where it is cheaper. The system itself will compare the prices of tours and give the most favorable. For example, in Svyaznoy Travel you can easily find a good tour at a bargain price.
See the prices for tours on related dates. As with airline tickets, the price of a tour a day later can be significantly different from the scheduled date.

Couple in loungers on a tropical beach at Maldives

Plan a trip with at a good time. For Turkey it is usually in May after the holidays, in early June and in October-November, when you can swim in the sea, but the flow of tourists is small.
Remember about the early booking and hot deals. If you plan your vacation in advance and even chose a particular hotel, then we recommend buying a tour two to six months before the trip. So you will not overpay, and the price will be stable. And if you decide to go on a spontaneous trip, then look closely at the last minute tours. They may have a large discount due to the fact that the tour operator did not fill the charter flight.

What kind of travel to choose – you decide of course.