5 tourist mistakes in Amsterdam

When summer is gaining momentum, the so-called “high season” develops in Amsterdam – a period during which an innumerable number of travelers with https://lingvanex.com/translation/english-to-japanese visit the capital of Holland. People come to this city to enjoy visits to famous museums, walk along the edge of the canals that wind around the entire territory of New Babylon, and keep the tulips blooming forever in their memory. However, do not forget that you are on your way to another country, which has its own rules of conduct. To ensure that your stay in Amsterdam is exceptionally bright, we will compile a list of typical tourist mistakes.

Try to legally smoke marijuana
It is no secret to anyone that a significant part of foreign visitors come to the Netherlands in order to taste soft drugs, without having problems with law enforcement officers. This case could be dealt with until January 1, 2013 – the date of the introduction of a ban on visiting Amsterdam coffeeshops by foreign guests. Since last year, such establishments have been retrained as private clubs.

The desire to photograph the inhabitants of the red light district
Another equally well-known association with Amsterdam is the red light district – a place where sex workers expose themselves through a glass window. Many visitors to this area strive to fix the priestesses of love on their phone or camera. Seeing such actions on the part of a passerby, the “moth” has the right to call the police, who for the first time will tactfully explain to the tourist about the ban on photo and video equipment but not https://lingvanex.com/translation/english-to-spanish. And if you manage to outwit the girl behind the glass, then you definitely won’t fool the hidden cameras that are located almost everywhere here.

Choose the wrong vehicle
If you are looking to explore the Venice of the North by car, then frankly, this is not a good idea. The fact is that the streets of Amsterdam are designed for cyclists, and therefore it is the bicycle that is considered the main type of vehicle. Also, try to park in designated areas, because an incorrectly parked car will cost you 67 euros.

Wasting time in line
In addition to the above features, Amsterdam can be called the cultural capital, because here are world-famous museums – the Anne Frank House Museum and the iconic Madame Tussauds Museum. These establishments are very popular among travelers, and therefore almost always you will have to wait in line to buy a ticket. To make the most of this time, head to the National Gallery, the Alland Pearson Museum or the Netherlands Maritime Museum. Despite being less in demand among the guests of the city, they also have something to show.

But if you are on vacation in Amsterdam and have firmly decided to still visit Madame Tussauds, it is recommended to rent a house near it. The best option is a room at the 5-star Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam, which is located just 200 meters from the famous museum.

Underestimate the danger of trams
Amsterdam trams meet all European standards, and therefore they travel very quietly and quickly. For passengers, this is of course a huge plus, but if you are cycling and trying to jump the path before moving traffic, then you have little chance of doing it without incident. Also, do not try to ride for free, because the controllers will accurately determine the “hare”. And finally, watch your pockets – thieves hunt even in Amsterdam.