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The Dave Test is a raw look at real faith in hard times. When life takes a hard turn, we don’t know always how to react to the unexplained. This how-to guide to preserving the dignity of the dying will present you with a set of gravely honest questions. The purpose of The Dave Test is to help you become forthright, open, and honest with yourself and with your friends and family in the face of loss.

Following the loss of his brother, Reverend Dr. Frederick William Schmidt was moved to write The Dave Test. Reverend Schmidt observed families during funerals, visited with patients in hospitals, and provided spiritual direction and counseling for those who were going through hard times or grieving a loss. Then, his brother Dave was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Reverend Schmidt realized that today’s culture is deeply shaped by fear of death. “In a giant, frantic race, we have cut one another adrift, allowing those whom we love the most to experience death and loss alone,” he explains in one chapter.

When life sucks because we lose a job, a family member is stricken with cancer, or we have simply lost hope, we don’t know what to do. Even when we have experienced loss, we still don’t know what to say when a friend goes through the same thing. Our attempts to commiserate and stand in solidarity for those we love often fail. Reverend Schmidt’s deeply moving yet practical new book, The Dave Test, will change how you see life, death, and faith. Reverend Schmidt shares how to cope with difficult situations with renewed faith and grace.

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WEEU 830 ’TURN THE PAGE’ Fri 10/18/13 ‘The Dave Test’

DaveTestImageWhen life throws you a lemon, make lemonade! That’s how the saying goes, but what do you say to others when your friend of family member gets a terminal cancer diagnosis? Or when your friend’s child is killed in a car accident? Or when you go to work and get laid off? Life isn’t always pretty, when you are faced with seemingly impossible decisions, take the Dave Test. Written by Rev Dr Frederick Schmidt as he was sharing his brother Dave’s journey after brain cancer diagnosis, this book will empower you to take life head-on with blunt honest blunt wisdom. Click here to hear Jo’s interview with Reverend Doctor Frederick Schmidt.

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The Dave Test Endorsements

“The Dave Test is a true and beautifully-written book about that most important of questions: What do we do when everything falls apart for us or those we love? Frederick Schmidt offers us a book that teaches us how to suffer—or to walk alongside suffering—with grace, honesty, and courage.” Greg Garrett, author of Stories from the Edge: A Theology of Grief and The Other Jesus

“Born of his own heartbreak and loss following the death of his beloved brother, Dr. Schmidt asks the hard questions of life with breathtaking honesty. A beautifully written look at loss, grief, suffering, dying, and the hope that we all can have. He awakens us to our own mortality showing us how to be an exquisite witness and presence in the lives of those we love.” Anne Alexander Stauffer, author of The Way to Stillness: Powerful Tools for Those in Healing Professions

“If ever there were a perfect sub-title for a book, it is the sub-title here. The Dave Test truly is a raw look at real faith in hard times. What that sub-title does not convey, however, is the impact upon the reader of Schmidt’s quiet, healing candor as he talks about his own loss. But what is also here, and is perhaps even more unusual, is Schmidt’s singular ability to translate chronicles of loss and pain into a sanctioned call for honesty about faith as it is lived and as it is allowed to mature in us.” Phyllis Tickle, founding editor of the religion department at Publishers Weekly and author of Emergence Christianity

“The Dave Test is a rich, meaningful, and practical resource that equips us to walk effectively with friends who are hurting. I love Fred’s honest approach that shuns clichés and platitudes in an effort to provide real help to others. Thinking through these important questions better prepares us to be an encouragement in difficult days.”
Jud Wilhite, author of Pursued, Senior Pastor of Central Christian Church

“The book is an uncommon account of what our society does not want to know and cannot remember, but what we need to know. . .Not explanation, but presence.” Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary